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  Don't Take My Word For It 
The Cincinnati Enquirer November, 2003-

On a Saturday night at Rudder's Sports Grille & Pub in Harrison, the crowd has come for 12-ounce longnecks and the high-energy music of Randy Peak and Miss Heather.
They start playing after 9 and go non-stop for almost five hours. (It's the don't-take-a-break-and-the-audience-won't-leave philosophy) Their repertoire includes the likes of Jim Croce, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Rolling Stones and Stray Cats, as well as original music.
Singer/guitarist Randy Peak is a Ted Nugent look-alike whose hair is at least as long as vocalist Miss Heather's brunette tresses, which reach the middle of her back. The couple seems to be enjoying themselves, bantering with the bar patrons between songs.
...As a young adult (Heather) worked as a bookkeeper by day, and sang karaoke at night with friends. She never considered singing for a living until four years ago when she met Randy Peak, who was playing with the Dallas Moore Band.
...Heather and Randy, who like to have fun on stage, invited John to perform with them at the Farm in Ross Township on a winter night two years ago. "Conga John", as they call him, fit right in. He found some goofy hats back stage and passed them out.
Afterward, John told them, "If I'm in one little way getting in the way of what you're doing, let me know, and I  won't come back."
He's been back often.
...Heather and Randy, who live in Cleves, perform three to six nights a week, mostly on the west side. "Conga John", a painting contractor by day, almost always joins them for weekend shows...

The WestSider Magazine
June, 2001-

There have been countless Male/Female Duets throughout musical history. Sony & Cher, Ike & Tina Turner, George & Tammy, Donny & Marie just to name a few. In Cincinnati, on the West Side of town, we have Randy Peak & Miss Heather. Quite a story behind this duo. Randy began playing guitar at the age of 12 and played in various bands throughour his life. Most notably, the Dallas Moore Band. Prior to that, Randy was with Dallas when the band was formerly called Poison Whiskey. His first real band was called Helen Highwater. They played the Butler County club scene when he was in his early 20's. Randy is self taught on the guitar and...after graduating from Taylor High School...started playing out. One of the original band members of Helen Highwater was former Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarists, Mike Estes. This relationship landed Randy an audition to play for Skynrd. Unfortunatly, MCA had other plans..."Looking back, it was probably better for all of us," says Randy. I went on to tour the NASCAR circuit with a band called Drivin' Sideways which provided me with the opportunity of playing  in front of thousands of people." Randy has played with the likes of 38 Speacial, The Marshall Tucker Band, Merle Haggard, David Alan Coe...and many others. He even had a performance on the former Nashville Now Network and interviewed with host Gary Chapman. Upon Returning home, Randy hooked up with Dallas and played on almost every stage in the city...Randy and Heather met at the Knotty Pine and she sang  a couple of...tunes and the rest is history. Heather's love of music may have been inherited from her father, who was the drummer in the Bobby Mackey band for about ten years. Heather was working as a waitress and bookkeeper at Dick Clark's American Band Stand. After work she often karaoke at local clubs. Her friends encouraged her to sing live. At times she would sit in with Dallas, but had yet to meet Randy. She and Randy sang together at the Knotty Pine on a whim, and discovered such a chemistry on stage that the two decided topursue an acoustic collaborative. "Our slogan we use is, 'Acoustic but Definitely NOT Unplugged'." says Heather. Infuenced by some of music's best female vocalists, Heather's vocals allow her to sing classics from Etta James to Bonnie Raitt, and the Dixie Chicks to Patsy Cline, to name a few. You can find these two playing all over the West Side. They tend to lean a little more toward "Biker Friendly" establishments, as they both like to ride...They are always looking to play new places. If you are a club owner in need of a really good acoustic duo...these two canrelate to just about any demographic...

The WestSider Magazine April, 2002 ("Best of the West" Issue) -

Best Acoustic Solo/Duo/Trio:
We were happy to see that most of the votes for this category were honest. Most musicians didn't toot their own horns and get their following to vote in mass which was kind of cool. We know that there are a lot of talented acoustic performers out there. That was one of the reasons for the Acoustic Round Table. But here, you have been voted on by the people of the West Side. Out of all of the acoustic acts out there, Randy Peak & Miss Heather received the most votes...

WestFest 2002 Program-

...Randy & Heather are a Dynamic DUO! Playing everything from Meatloaf to Patsy Cline, this duet is the most entertaining couple you'll ever see or hear. Check 'em outat WestFest.

Parky's Press September, 2001 (Hamilton County Park District)-

...Randy is one of the best guitar players in Cincinnati; (Squeezebox) Scott isn't bad on the guitar himself and he has an excellent singing voice. The group can be heard most any weekend at a local establishment on the west side of town. (Scott) sure can make a lot of music come out of one little accordian.
Randy Peak
PO Box 153
Cleves, OH 45002