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Because sometimes there are last minute cancellations to shows. I care about you, the paying customer, and would hate to have someone drive all the way to a show salivating for a good time just to be disappointed because the venue chose to break their word. There are also last minute additions. So if you are sitting around watching the Andy Griffith show, bored out of your mind, and thinking "wow I should get out more" just check your email and you might be on your way to social life nirvana.

Right here of course on this fancy mailing list page.

What do you get...
Peace of  mind knowing that you, yes you, will never be left out in the cold when trying to cash in that hard earned entertainment dollar.

Just send three box tops and your email address to:
list "at" randypeak.com
Of course, replace the word "at" with the common "@" symbol. The spam idiots have been killing me too. Which brings us to the final subject.

Is it safe...
Yes. This mailing list is sealed for your protection. I will NOT give out your address to anyone. I hate spam too! So come on and send it in.